Coffee is always a good idea! Whole Beans or Grounds available, we can grind to your preference.


How To Enjoy Your Specialty Coffee + Perfect Your Brew

We've sourced and selected awesome green beans, roasted with passion and precision, you have invested in our coffee, here is a guide on how to turn our beloved beans into your best daily home or office brew.  
There are a few tips in creating great coffee, with a little knowledge it should be as simple as adding coffee and water, with the use of some specifically designed equipment.   
Freshly ground coffee is always best, if you can grind for immediate use with a “burr” grinder you are well on your way to the perfect cup. 
We will always prefer to sell you whole beans so you can grind as you go, however if you don’t have access to a grinder we recommend you buy coffee in smaller quantities and request to have your coffee ground to your preference based on the equipment you use.  


Like anything, practice does lead to perfection. With coffee, your brewing technique and the result in your cup will become perfect too, be sure to use;

  • The right coffee particle (grind) size for the intended equipment type, grind adjustments can change the taste and time of brewing.

  • The right filtration medium for the desired brew qualities.

  • A paper filter can mean less sediment, clearer flavours.

  • Metal filters may lead to more sediment and greater texture.

  • The right ratio of coffee to water. 

  • The right water temperature (between 93°C and 97oC).

  • The right amount of contact time between coffee and water.

Some guidance on popular brew equipment can be found below, shall you have any questions, we’d be happy to assist further, just let us know. 
REMEMBER to store your beans in a cool and dry place, preferably below 20 oC.
We package your beans to retain their freshness as much as possible, your coffee is prepared in pouches containing resealable zips and one-way release valves to help preserve your beans from cup to cup.  
Enjoy your coffee!
Espresso Icon
Espresso Grind - Brew ratio 1:2

  • Preheat portafilter.
  • Fill with 20g ground coffee.
  • Tamp with 15kg of pressure smooth and level.
  • Extract 40g brewed espresso in 25 – 35 seconds.
  • To extract faster, grind coffee coarser. To extract slower, grind coffee finer.
  • Blend with steamed milk (60°) and serve.

 *Remember the brew ratio is the relationship between the amount of dry coffee used (the dose) and the amount of coffee extracted (the yield).



Stove Top Icon

Slightly Coarser than Espresso Grind

  • Fill base with cold water to just below relief valve.
  • Fill basket with ground coffee, maintain a loose fill, once at the top, level it off.
  • Screw brew chamber on top tightly.
  • Brew on a low heat until it starts to gurgle, switch heat off and allow to rest for 2 minutes.
  • Drink neat or blend at a ratio of 1/3 coffee to desired ratios of hot water (94°) or warm milk (60°).


French Press Icon

Best Ground Coarse. For a more intense cup, grind finer.





  • Preheat plunger by filling with boiling water, assemble, and then empty.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of ground coffee per person / cups desired.
  • Add the required number of cups of slightly cooled boiled water (94°) then gently stir to mix the grounds.
  • Replace lid, allow to brew for 4 minutes, before slowly depressing the plunger.
  • Serve all cups, even if you want a second one later, as leaving the brew in the plunger will over brew the coffee. It's definitely best to make and serve fresh as and when required.  
  • Drink neat or add milk to taste.



Cold Drip Icon

Brew Ratio: 1:15 | coffee:water 
e.g. 20g coffee will use 300ml of water.





  • Place the cold drip's mesh filter in the bottom of the central chamber of your cold drip tower. 
  • Place the desired amount of freshly ground coffee in to the central chamber.
  • Place a wet paper filter on top of the coffee grounds. Fill the top chamber with the desired amount of filtered cold water.
  • Place the bottom chamber in place to catch the dripping.
  • Turn the little tap so that it is dripping 1 drip per second. For a richer cup play with your drip rate, try 1 drip every 3 seconds.
  • Check the flow periodically to ensure that the drip rate remains consistent until brewing is complete.



    + Other Preparations

    Please consult the apparatus manufacturers recommendations. We have baseline grind settings if your order pre-ground coffee, but for best results, grind fresh every time and experiment with your recipes to make it how you like it.





    • Grind coffee as you go, grind to suit your brewing equipment.
    • Store coffee in a cool dry place, below 20° degrees.
    • Use a scale when you brew for accuracy.
    • Use a temperature controlled kettle when heating water.
    • Use a thermometer to measure temperatures.
    • Use a timer when brewing.
    • Enjoy, always!