Coffee is always a good idea! Whole Beans or Grounds available, we can grind to your preference.


Painted Blue is inspired by the glorious blue skies and sparkling clear waters of the Mid-North Coast, NSW.

The Roasting Room, located in Grassy Head, houses one of Europe's highest quality coffee roasters. Our Giesen W6 Coffee Roaster, has the capacity to roast up to 6 kilos of green beans at any one time. We have the perfect size roaster to produce excellent, small batch specialty coffee that excels in quality and freshness. We can tailor make our roasts offering specialty and a variety of goodness, all of which are available locally and for anyone whom enjoys perfection in a cup.

Behind the Painted Blue doors are two people who love amazing coffee! An environmental scientist and an electrical engineer in a previous life, now living the dream at Grassy Head with Merlot the Adventure Dog.
THE PAINTED BLUE TEAM               Dan, Charelle + Merlot the Adventure Dog 

Painted Blue began as we appreciate the value and necessity of having great coffee available anytime. After living and working on 6 continents for over a decade we found ourselves  desperately searching for great coffee. We carted kilos of coffee beans onto planes, beans were sent via the post. In extreme cases we drank commercial, over roasted beans where the decision to deprive ourselves of the liquid gold all together was the outcome. An experience we don't want again! We've "bean" there! We won't settle on mediocre, nor should you. 

The Team

We've heated up a hobby into something grand. Expanding our passion, our global experiences, we are offering AWARD WINNING freshly roasted coffee.

At Painted Blue we work with suppliers to select the finest, seasonal, responsibility sourced and the most delicious green beans. Our purpose from there, simply to roast with precision providing you, our customers, with amazing coffee anytime you ask for it.   

Painted Blue Coffee is crafted with care for you to enjoy your brew at home. Shall you wish to brew like a pro, check out our brew guides for further tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of your beans.

Wholesale is available for those cafes that demand exceptional coffee and quality for their clients, contact us.

Drop into our roasting room to view our process and sample our freshly roasted beans if you're in the area, alternatively we invite you to browse our online gallery. We'd love to share our passion with you!

 ~ Dan + Charelle